The Martik, was born to give a concrete response to the principles of HACCP for safety in industrial hygiene in the food, pharmaceutical / hospital and electronics. Equipment manufacturer in stainless steel AISI 304, offers a wide range of solutions that respect the environment by using clean energy technologies in its air and water are indeed the driving forces of job Martik. Research, innovation and development are the foundation of business philosophy Martik, who for years collaborated with the University of Udine and other Italian scientific institutes to meet and exceed new frontiers in the orbit of hygiene.


The Martik offers its customers a quality product with maximum hygiene standards of the HACCP protocol, combining speed and customization to meet individual needs. From small equipment up steel corridors sanitizing the air decontamination showers: the operators of the food, pharmaceutical / hospital and electronics products Martik will find a valuable ally in the road to complete hygiene.

Besides, the HACCP protocol is designed for the first NASA space missions: Take note of it thanks to the products Martik, you're ready to bring your company into the orbit of the cleaning.


Martik has a wide range of standard products that the customer can find ready for use. However, if the requirements are more specific, you can customize solutions tailored to the size or technical details required. Moreover, the Martik performs design studies on the lay-out business to identify critical points within the plant and choose the best solution in compliance with sanitation.
Martik working for years with major Italian and international food groups, providing suitable solutions for each production department.

Stainless steel AISI 304, a safe material, hygienic, easy to clean, versatile and made ​​in Italy. Martik uses for their products, thus ensuring hygiene not only in technological but already the choice of material production.
The passion and commitment to clean by Martik were recognized in 2002 with the Geneva Award for innovation and with funding from the European Union to support research projects of the company from Friuli, such as those for the air shower decontamination and sanitizing of equipment using ozone.


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The HACCP system has been a conscious economic impact throughout the supply chain, leaving out the...